Daily, Madeline

Girly Girl

I had painted Madeline's toenails pink on Sunday. Well, this morning she was super sad to put on her socks and shoes for daycare, because she didn't want to cover up her pretty pink toes. So we compromised, she's wearing her shoes, and I painted her fingernails pink so she can look at them all… Continue reading Girly Girl

Daily, Madeline

Cousin Time

Madeline got to spend the day with her cousins today.  She was so excited to have the girls to play with.  Especially her fellow baby doll loving cousin, Edee. Maddy and Edee taking good care of their babies.   So much fun watching these two play together. Madeline adores her cousins. I can't believe how… Continue reading Cousin Time

Daily, Madeline

Rough Day

Madeline is still sick... She is currently having a major meltdown that I won't let her go to the house across the street. Which is insane, considering she has never been to the house across the street. She's not even talking about the house that has the kids that she talks to. Now she's zoned out… Continue reading Rough Day


Just Another Day at the Zoo

A beautiful day calls for a trip to the zoo. Why, hello there Mr. Polar Bear. This time we went with our friends Megan and Dan and their little girl, Phoebe.   It was fun for Madeline to have a little friend there with her. I've mentioned before how we find signs of Joshua on… Continue reading Just Another Day at the Zoo