Just Wear the Mask!

Just wear the mask. It’s really not that hard (even Madeline manages to do it without complaining). It’s not about protecting you, it’s about protecting others, so don’t be selfish just wear the dang mask. Because I would like to be able to send my kid to school without one one day.

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And seriously, it’s not about the government controlling you. 🙄It’s about doing your part to control spreading a virus that is killing people and making others incredibly ill. So over the low death rate argument. I know people who have had it, I’ve heard and seen the effects it has on an otherwise healthy person. It’s not the flu. You don’t get sick for a couple day and then bounce right back to 100%.

So while, I’m fairly sure that myself and my husband and daughter are healthy and would be able to eventually get over the virus, I’d rather wear a mask if that means I can help to not spread it to someone who might not be so lucky.

 Is wearing a mask annoying and inconvenient (and even uncomfortable at times)? Totally.

Is it still worth it if it means I’m not inadvertently spreading a virus to the 80 year old grandma in the line behind me at the grocery store? Totally.

Do I feel better knowing that I’m doing everything I can to not pass a virus onto the single parent working the checkout line at Target who has to go home at night and care for her immunocompromised child? Totally.

Yes, wearing a mask yesterday at Worlds of Fun was uncomfortable. But we still did it. Find a place where you are away from everyone else and take it down for a minute to get a drink and some fresh air. You’ll survive. Then put it back on, wash your hands, and continue on.

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