Too Many

Too many mommas have had to bury their children. And while our circumstances are completely different, I will say, as a momma who has had to bury her son, it’s a nightmare no mother should have to face. And to know that your child died at the hands of someone who is supposed to be there to protect and serve has got to be absolutely devastating. So while I don’t pretend to understand the pain and the fear of the black community, I do understand the pain of these mommas who have had to pick out a casket for their sons. I know that our own pain and grief has made us want to break a few windows and burn down somethings, so I get the anger that comes along with grief.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and shoes

I watched the mother of George Floyd’s daughter speak with his beautiful little six year daughter there next to her and my heart shattered for her. Madeline is six. I can’t imagine what that woman and her daughter are dealing with right now. But I also pray that that precious little girl will one day be able to say that her daddy’s death was not in vain and that it truly and finally brought about a change in our country. That little girl deserves at least that much.

Mommas, let’s come together! Let’s ignite a change. Let’s start in our homes with our own babies and then let’s bring it out to the world. Let the love of a mother be what changes this damn world, because we are strong and we can be that change.

Let’s let the world know we have been summoned, and we won’t be silent!

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