Are You Outraged Yet?

Are you outraged yet? If not maybe you need to take a look at yourself and ask why not? These black men that are being harassed, assaulted by police, and even killed just for being black men are our neighbors, our friends. They are fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and beyond all that they are people. People who have every right to be in a park bird watching. Even a forgery suspect should be afforded the same basic rights that we would expect for ourselves. The right to not have a police officer kneel on their neck until they can no longer breathe.

I have great respect for law enforcement. The job they do is challenging and dangerous, and I want to believe that most are good people. But respect is earned, and it’s a two way street. Police officers who hide their racism behind a badge and say they are just doing their job as they kneel on the neck of a black man don’t deserve respect.

The fact that there are two stories circulating my Facebook feed today that show how prevalent racism still is in our country makes me outraged, and I hope it outrages you too.When I moved to a white neighborhood, my life became a series of incidents like the one in Central Park.

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