Not the End of Kindergarten We Expected

Well, it wasn’t the big goodbye hugs and high-fives that she would have loved to give everyone, but we got to wave and shout goodbye to our amazing and wonderful Southwood teachers and staff today. We will miss you all, and she can’t wait to be walking those halls as a big first grader and I can’t wait to be back volunteering and supporting you all anyway I can. Southwood Roadrunner family, we love you!

Ending the year this way has been so hard. And I’m so worried about the seemingly inevitable changes that will come when school starts again in the fall.

These kids (and parents and teachers) can’t go on like this. Despite what government officials seem to think, virtual learning is no substitute for the classroom. Our kids get so much more than just simply learning how to read and do fractions from our schools.

Madeline is lucky. She has a safe home with two loving parents who are willing and able to help her with subtraction and reading and even creating crazy science experiments and messy art projects. She has plenty of food to eat, has access to her own computer with high speed internet access, and is able to go to sleep each night without fear or worry. This is not true for all kids.

We live in a school district that has a high percentage of students that rely on the free and reduced lunch program each day to provide breakfast, lunch, and even an after school snack/meal. There are kids who don’t have safe homes. Those who don’t have access to technology for learning. Those kids need our schools. They need their teachers there checking on them each day, creating a safe place for them, loving them.

The thought of extended virtual learning, taking away all of those special things (assemblies, field trips, after school events, and more) that make school fun and memorable for our kids, makes me so sad.

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