RIP Kobe

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I fully admit I never really watch NBA (no KC team meant I never had a team I felt compelled to cheer for), but here I am literally shedding tears over the loss of this man who I obviously never knew.

Athletes have a way of making us care about them and the impact (good or bad) that they leave on this world.

I acknowledge that there are stories of bad things that he may or may not have done in his past. But here is the thing, there are far more stories of the positive impact he had on not just his sport, but those around him. I have been reading about how good of a dad he was and that is probably the thing that he should be remembered for.

My heart aches so much for his wife, children, family, and friends. I have buried a child. To have to bury a child and your husband at the same time is really just too much.

So I will cry over a man I never knew, because there are people whose hearts are breaking into a million pieces and the least I can do is say a prayer and take a moment to be sad for them.

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