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Happy New Year

I always forget how much we do until I look back at photos and videos. We shared in the joy of the birth of our newest nephew, Landon. We cheered as we watched Madeline take the big stage at her first dance competition. We celebrated as Madeline turned FIVE. We cried happy tears as we… Continue reading Happy New Year

Daily, Parenting After Loss

Give Yourself Grace

I dreamed of Joshua last night. And not in a sweet “Remember I’m always with you, momma” kind of way. In a “I felt the whole weight of his loss all over again and couldn’t breathe” kind of way. Holidays are always hard. I see the presents under the tree and wish there were more...for… Continue reading Give Yourself Grace


Always Loved, Always Missed

My Grandma was one of my all-time favorite people ever. No matter what, she always knew just the right thing to say give me advice, make me laugh, or to ease even my biggest heartbreaks. These last 15 years without her have been full of so many things that I wish I could tell her,… Continue reading Always Loved, Always Missed

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Our Happy Place

It was chilly out tonight, but we didn’t let that stop us from another chance to check out Winterfest at Worlds of Fun. Best part of going to Worlds of Fun when it’s 32 degrees, you practically have the park to yourselves! This was our second weekend in a row at Winterfest and we still… Continue reading Our Happy Place