The Fifth Christmas

It is still crazy to me that we just celebrated our fifth Christmas with Madeline.

We began our Christmas Day much like last year. I woke up way before everyone else. I started the coffee, made sure the stockings were all filled and sitting on the sofa, turned on all the Christmas lights, grabbed the camera, and just enjoyed the peace of the moment. Soon enough I heard Madeline’s little feet hopping out of bed. We woke up daddy and came out to see what Santa had left.

We opened stockings first and then our presents. Madeline said thank you about a million times after opening each gift.

After gifts were opened, I put our French Toast Casserole in the oven (a tradition that Patrick and I started on our very first Christmas as husband and wife) and we all got ready for the day.

My family came over and had breakfast with us and then we opened even more gifts. We played games, watched a movie, and just enjoyed the sweetness of the day.

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