I mean Patrick and I both already scheduled today off of work, because worst day ever we just need to be around each other, but how did my 4-day weekend turn into a 7-day weekend? I’m over the ice and just want to be able to get out of my house.

These last few days have sucked. One of my memories from 5 years ago is just how trapped I felt. I felt trapped in the hospital. I felt trapped when we came home (another 12ish inches of snow fell). We couldn’t get out and back to any kind of normal. Being stuck inside and trapped within your thoughts when you are living a nightmare is just not a great thing.

When we had Madeline I can remember we obviously stayed home with her for the first couple of weeks other than a doctor appointment. I could literally feel PPD setting in as i started feeling trapped and wondering what we had done. Those familiar feelings kept creeping in. Patrick, being the amazing man he is, recognized that I wasn’t myself and suggested we get out. Go to Target (lol) and just begin living life again this time with Madeline in tow. It was amazing how much that helped my mind.

These last few days, anniversary days of all days, being stuck inside due to icy roads are really weighing on me. I’m already deep in memories of Josh and to feel that same trapped feeling again is really messing me up.

7 more days until we are out of this horrid month and 26 more days until Spring.

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