Praying Because It Works

I’ve seen a lot of posts today and yesterday that have said that sending thoughts and prayers is not useful. And while I agree that prayers alone aren’t solving the issues in our very broken country, I just have to say, as a parent who has a small idea of what those 17 sets of parents are feeling right now (planning a funeral for your child is never supposed to happen), I do fully believe that those prayers, that many of you think are foolish, are being felt.

Yes, write your government officials and tell them we need stronger gun laws, we need better screenings for those with mental health issues, we need to follow up more when threats are made, we need better reporting of warning signs, we need so much change.

We also need prayers. We need prayers for those families and friends that are broken and hurting. We need prayers for those teachers and students who live with a daily fear that next time it might be their school, their classroom, their friends. We need prayers for our government that they will make changes. We need prayers for this whole country that we can be better.

Our children deserve better. Parents deserve better. Our teachers and staff deserve better. School should be a safe place. I shouldn’t fear to send my daughter off to kindergarten or the movies or the mall…

I don’t pretend to understand all the reasons behind these mass shootings. But at the end of the day, I do believe it is bigger than just a gun problem (and anyone who knows me knows how much I hate guns). We have a problem with hate and bullying and abuse and a lack of care for mental health issues and just so much more.

And so while I sit through yearly intruder training and I can write letters to congressmen and I can write articles about where we need to make changes, I will also continue to pray.

I will pray for those hurting. I will pray for those in power. I will pray for those who think that violence is the only solution. Because I have felt the prayers of others when I was most broken and I just hope that they can feel mine too.


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