I mean Patrick and I both already scheduled today off of work, because worst day ever we just need to be around each other, but how did my 4-day weekend turn into a 7-day weekend? I’m over the ice and just want to be able to get out of my house. These last few days… Continue reading Memories



Five. I caught myself staring at your sleeping sister’s face last night just trying to catch a glimpse of you. I long to know what you would look like today. What your favorite color would be. What you would excel at, and what would make you laugh uncontrollably. I try to catch glimpses of you… Continue reading Five


Praying Because It Works

I’ve seen a lot of posts today and yesterday that have said that sending thoughts and prayers is not useful. And while I agree that prayers alone aren’t solving the issues in our very broken country, I just have to say, as a parent who has a small idea of what those 17 sets of… Continue reading Praying Because It Works