Superhero Skills

Madeline is convinced she is a superhero.
So much so that she is going as Supergirl for Halloween this year.

I’m hoping that her superhero skills serve her well. She is brave. She is strong. She is always trying to do the right thing.

It is no mystery that kids, especially girls, can be cruel to one another. I swear I want to walk around holding up a shield when she starts school. But instead, I will do my best to arm her with enough self-confidence to know that she is worthy of respect and that insults are not worthy of her time. Enough compassion that when she is a witness to bullying of any kind she can be one of the ones that stands up and speaks out.

I will send her with armor, just a bit more metaphorical than the Wonder Woman shield I was planning on walking into her first day of Kindergarten with, though let’s face it not nearly as fun.

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