A Neverending Summer

We’ve been soaking in the last days of this neverending summer. 100-degree heat index at the end of September is just not okay.

Most of this summer has been spent at parks.

Watching Madeline become brave.

She now can climb just about anything. At first, she needed me close. She needed to know that I would be there to catch her if she fell. Always.

Then she as she got braver she would venture out more on her own. I would watch from further back. She would still check that I was watching. I was always close enough that if she would start to slip, I would be right there within a step or two.  But I gave her space to explore.

Now she can climb the ropes, the ladders, the rock walls. She can do it all. I just watch. From a distance. Always watching, but letting her do it on her own. She gets to the top and searches for my eyes among the groups of parents. She spots me and smiles, “I did it!” she shouts. I smile at her and give her a thumbs up, “Great job, baby girl.”

Watching her grow up, watching her learn to be brave, makes me so proud and yet brings tears to my eyes.

These past three and half years have gone by so fast. Today she is climbing up a jungle gym and before I know it will be the steps to kindergarten.

We have one more summer with her as a preschooler. Then she will be off to summer school for kindergarten and there will be no turning back. Time will continue to rush by and I can’t slow it down. My little, tiny, brave girl is just growing up way too fast.

I take a million photos and videos to try to hold onto these moments for as long as I can. I want to remember her sweet little voice. The way she dances every time she hears any music. How she sings along to every song she hears (even commercial jingles). How excited she gets over everything. The way she always wants to swing higher and higher.

I just want to remember everything.

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