A Staycation

We’ve been taking a staycation this week. Truth: I hate that word – staycation, but that’s what it is. Patrick and I are both on vacation from work this week and we are pretending we are tourists with a preschooler in Kansas City this week.

LegoLand. SeaLife. The Kansas City Zoo. Paradise Park. Crown Center. Parks. Picnics. Movies.

All our favorites. Well almost, Science City and Kaleidoscope both are closed this week which is kind of a bummer.
So far it’s been a much needed week. Sometimes the working mom guilt gets heavy. I’ve been stressed lately, my anxiety has been high, and all that means my patience has been thinner lately. I’ve gotten frustrated over things that normally wouldn’t phase me, and then I feel guilty for that and the cycle starts over – rinse and repeat.

This week has been nice. It’s been good to just be a family. No real concrete plans. Just to have fun. So far that’s what we’ve done. Madeline had been great. A relaxed momma makes for a relaxed Madeline.

We’ve always taken our vacation during the week of Labor Day. We realized this week that next summer will be the last time we get to do that for a while since after that Madeline will be in school.
It’s so crazy to think how fast these last three and half years have gone. The next two will fly by I’m sure. She’s already talking about wanting to go to Kindergarten. I keep telling her she has to give momma a couple more years to get ready for that one.

She’s growing up so fast. I just want to bottle up these moments with her and keep them in a safe somewhere. This age she is right now is so precious. It’s hands down my favorite age so far from her. Her imagination is everything. She is still so cuddly and loving. She is just a sponge for learning. I’m always amazed by the new things she learns. And by her memory. She remembers details of things from months ago.

I’m hoping that means she will start retaining some of the memories of the things we do with her now. We have so much fun hanging out with her. I hope she remembers some of these fun times. If not, I have lots of photos and videos to help remind her someday.

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