Summer Bucket List – 2017

It’s that time of year. The time where we sit down as a family and make a list of everything we would like to do this summer. We dream big, plan big, and make a list.
Go to the zoo – We bought passes again this year, so I am anticipating lots of zoo trips as always this summer.

Go to a baseball game (or two) – We are hoping to get out to the K to watch a Royals game. The last couple years it has been difficult to go with a little one, but Madeline loves watching the Royals and is getting more interested in watching the actual game, so hopefully, this will happen at least once or twice. Bonus points if it’s a Fireworks Friday game.

Watch fireworks – This is a given with the 4th of July.

Have a bonfire – We are hoping to put the firepit to some good use this year.

Swim – I’m hoping to get to take Madeline to the pool a few times this summer. We are also looking at options for getting some kind of pool for the backyard. Madeline says she wants to have a pool party.

Road trip – We are planning on taking a trip down to Oklahoma to visit my cousins at some point this summer. Our schedules never seem to line up, but hopefully we can make it happen.

Garage Sale – We have been cleaning out and have a ton of stuff that we need to get rid of. A garage sale needs to happen this summer.

Powell Gardens – It’s just pretty and I like it.

City Market – I’d like to take Madeline out to the big City Market at least once this summer. We always go to Lee’s Summit and Overland Park Farmers Markets, but the City Market is a whole other vibe and I think it would be fun.

Deanna Rose Farm – We always try to make it out there at least once. Madeline loves to feed the goats.

Park Time – We always try to hit up at least 3 new parks.

Gymnastics – I’m not quite sure I’m ready to sign her up for another class quite yet. I think dance is enough for now, but I think we will try and go to the open gym time at the gymnastics place a couple times.

Mini Golf – Always a fun activity.

Bowling – We signed Madeline up for the Kids Bowl Free program, so this will most certainly be on our summer to-do list. Especially when it gets really hot or on those rainy days.

Try a new ice cream place

Go get sno cones.

Go to the drive-in.

Catch fireflies (lightning bugs) in a jar with Madeline.

Play in the sprinkler with Madeline. We bought a cute one the other day and ever since then it’s either been rainy or too cold to use it. Here’s hoping for lots of bright sunny days ahead.

Go fishing. Madeline got a Moana fishing pole for her birthday. We need to put it to use. One of the local parks has a kids fishing derby in June. I think we will go test it out.

Make homemade ice cream.

Date night.

Get a milkshake at Winsteads. It’s a Kansas City tradition.

Watch the sunset.

Go to a museum. I have been wanting to take our little artist to the art museum. We have two great ones in town. I think she would be fascinated.

Take more videos/photos with “good” camera.

Go to a splash park with Madeline.

Try a new BBQ place. We do live in Kansas City after all.

Try a new coffee shop. This would be at the top of Patrick’s list.

Play outside more.

Get a swing set for Madeline. She has outgrown the tiny little swing and slide we’ve had the last couple of years. Time for a big one.

Plant a vegetable garden. Plant more flowers. Somehow manage to keep the squirrels and rabbits from destroying them all.

Have a picnic in the park.

Grill out more.

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