Irrational Rational Fears, Overwhelming Anxiety

The news scares me. Legit, straight up terrifies me. I can remember being a small kid and seeing the nightly news and hearing about the scary things and asking my mom if we could get an alarm for our house because I thought that would make me feel safer. So basically this is nothing new.… Continue reading Irrational Rational Fears, Overwhelming Anxiety


Summer Bucket List – 2017

It's that time of year. The time where we sit down as a family and make a list of everything we would like to do this summer. We dream big, plan big, and make a list. Go to the zoo - We bought passes again this year, so I am anticipating lots of zoo trips… Continue reading Summer Bucket List – 2017

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Cooking with Madeline

Madeline and I have been cooking dinner together every night for the past couple of weeks. She has really gotten in to it. So much so that if I forget and start making dinner without her she starts crying.  Each night she pulls one of the dining room chairs over to the kitchen counter and… Continue reading Cooking with Madeline

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When Mother’s Day is Hard

Mother's Day is hard. Even with my sweet, little, beautiful Madeline, it is STILL hard. I look at her and I know that I am blessed.   I know that I am lucky because there are so many that are still longing with aching hearts and empty arms to hear the words "momma, I love… Continue reading When Mother’s Day is Hard


Her Brother 

Madeline just started talking about her brother.  She said, "My brother is happy. My brother says he loves you. My brother loves my mom and everybody. My brother loves me. My brother loves Batman. My brother is really getting big. My brother plays with me all the time."  I have no idea what brought on… Continue reading Her Brother