Party Number Three

How has it been three years already?

We had Madeline’s third birthday party today.  It was Minnie Mouse theme.  We played Pin the Bow on Minnie and had an Easter Egg Hunt outside for all the kiddos since Easter is next weekend.  We had lots of bubbles and sidewalk chalk for everyone to play with and a few a Madeline’s outdoor games set out for everyone to run wild and play with as well.

This was the first year that Madeline invited her own friends.  She was so excited to have her friends from preschool and dance class at her house.  Her very special guests included: Kaelan, Acelyn, Ruby, Mary June, Esther, Phoebe, and her cousin Mason.  We had a few more that sent gifts but weren’t able to come because of various reasons, but we certainly had a houseful with 8 little kids and most of their parents.  It was fun to see Madeline play with all of her friends.  She loved getting to show her friends her room and share all her toys.  For an “only child” she sure does love to share.

Tomorrow she officially turns three and I still haven’t wrapped a single present…



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