Week in Review – 4/28/17

Making sure Minnie stays hydrated. Monday mornings are hard. My little mini sitting in my old rocking chair playing with the same little bear and bunny family that I used to play with when I was her age. Picking a special treat out of her big bucket of Easter candy.  Her shirt says, "when it… Continue reading Week in Review – 4/28/17

Daily, Letters to Maddy, Madeline


Three! Three years of giggles, some tears (hers and ours too), lots of hugs, kisses, and plenty of cuddles, a few sleepless nights, lots of lullabyes and Disney sing-a-longs, more princesses than daddy ever thought he could count, lots of game nights, movies, zoo trips, living room dance parties, and countless weekend adventures, and more… Continue reading Three


Party Number Three

How has it been three years already? We had Madeline's third birthday party today.  It was Minnie Mouse theme.  We played Pin the Bow on Minnie and had an Easter Egg Hunt outside for all the kiddos since Easter is next weekend.  We had lots of bubbles and sidewalk chalk for everyone to play with… Continue reading Party Number Three