A Day at the Farmstead

We spent the day at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.  DSC04076

We thought it was time Madeline started school.


Madeline LOVES animals, so she was excited to get to see some new ones up close.


Daddy showing Maddy the baby goats.


She really wanted to pet one.


Little cutie.DSC04099

Madeline found it absolutely hilarious that the goats were drinking from a bottle.  She wouldn’t hold the bottle herself though.  DSC04100 DSC04103

Hehehe – look at him just standing there.


Madeline even got to drive a little tractor (with a little help from mom).DSC04113

This is such a fun little place and it’s Free Monday – Thursday and only $2/person on the weekends.  I’m sure that this was just the first of many visits to come.

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