Oktoberfest 2015

Patrick had to help serve beer at Oktoberfest with his bank again this year, so Madeline and I headed down to explore while daddy worked. My little animal lover enjoyed watching the ponies. Maddy and I shared some ice cream and people watched for a bit. We found R2D2. Back to the ponies. Finally, it… Continue reading Oktoberfest 2015


Just Another Day at the Zoo

A beautiful day calls for a trip to the zoo. Why, hello there Mr. Polar Bear. This time we went with our friends Megan and Dan and their little girl, Phoebe.   It was fun for Madeline to have a little friend there with her. I've mentioned before how we find signs of Joshua on… Continue reading Just Another Day at the Zoo


A Day at the Farmstead

We spent the day at Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead.   We thought it was time Madeline started school. Madeline LOVES animals, so she was excited to get to see some new ones up close. Daddy showing Maddy the baby goats. She really wanted to pet one. Little cutie. Madeline found it absolutely hilarious that the… Continue reading A Day at the Farmstead


Patrick Turns 30 – and a Royals Game

Patrick celebrated a big birthday this year. We celebrated the best way we know how, at the Royals game. Our little Royals fan made fast friends with those sitting around us. She preferred to watch the people instead of the game. Madeline got to ride on the Slugger lion on the carousel.  Let's go Royals!… Continue reading Patrick Turns 30 – and a Royals Game


Under the Sea…Sorta

We took Madeline to the Sea Life aquarium at Crown Center.  If you haven't been, save your money.  We got in for half price thanks to our Friends of the Zoo membership, but even at half price it was kind of a rip off.  It was small with not a lot of variety. Of course… Continue reading Under the Sea…Sorta