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16 Months

My Dear Madeline,

Today you are 16 months old. Crazy!

You are turning to such an awesome little kid. You are so much fun and we just love spending time with you.

You have really become quite the little momma to your baby doll. We can’t leave the house without it most days. You are quite sweet with her, pretending to feed her, rock her, wrap her up in a blanket, and put her to sleep, unless you are mad, then you are kind of a mean momma and baby tends to get thrown. I’m a little worried for our future grandchildren. ;)

The speed at which you are picking up things these days just amazes me. When you are finished with something you will throw your trash away. You know how to close cabinet doors and are always careful to watch your fingers. You know  where things belong in the house and will help put things away. When we read books I can ask you where something is and you will point to it on the page. You love to pretend and it is just so much fun to play together.

You now have four teeth up on top and still just the two on the bottom. You were kind of attached to your Wubbanub again for a bit while since those four upper teeth were all coming in at once, but you’ve since forgotten about it again. Unless you are super sleepy and fighting sleep. Then we let you have it and you are asleep within five minutes. I’m convinced it’s magic.

We went to the zoo with Grandma. You were excited to show her the penguins.

This summer has still been really hot. So there hasn’t been as much time spent outside as I had hoped for. When the temperature is near 100 and the heat index is 110 I just can’t keep you out there that long. It’s not fun when the swing and the slide can burn you. Instead we opted for ice cream this last weekend to celebrate you turning 16 months old. You were happy about that decision.

Sweet girl, you are such a joy in our lives.  There were so many days where we weren’t sure if our hearts would ever feel joy again after we lost your brother. Oh, sweet darling, how you have filled our hearts with more joy and love than we ever thought possible. You are a light not just in our lives, but everywhere we go. God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave us you. We are so proud of you.

Love Always and Forever,

Your Momma

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