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15 Months

Sweet Madeline,

Here you are, 15 months old!  Time sure is flying by fast.  There are so many days where I wish I could just bottle up these moments with you and save them forever.  Your sweet little giggle and the way you curl into me when I pick you up.  Instead, I take lots of photos and videos and try to write down the memories.  I know that soon enough you will be growing up and not want to take the time to cuddle on the sofa and watch Daniel Tiger, and I will miss these moments so very much.


You have finally mastered the whole walking thing and now there is no stopping you.  You’ve been taking a few steps here and there for months now and you loved to walk with us holding onto our hand, but you had yet to really take off.  So imagine our surprise when we were standing in Family Video trying decide on a movie to rent when you let go of my hand and just took off.  You decided you really wanted to go sit in the director’s chair that was in front of us and I clearly wasn’t heading that way fast enough, so you just decided to go there yourself.  You definitely shocked us with that one.  Ever since then you have just been walking everywhere.  You walk, you climb, you are everywhere!

 You LOVE to go to the park and swing.  Unfortunately, this summer has been super lame and it has been nothing but a lot of rain, rain, rain and then 100 heat index days.  It kind of stinks.  We’ve managed to get in a few days at the park, but I am really hoping that the next few months will lead to some better weather and we can go more often, because you just adore it.


 You have gotten really good at pretend play lately.  In your latest Citrus Lane box you received a little toy cooking pot and some spoons.  You love to pretend to stir things up and then taste them.  You are really loving your baby doll lately too.  You will cuddle her and rock her and it is just so adorable.


 We did a big garage sale this last month.  We sold quite a bit of your sweet little clothes and even some big things like your jumper and bassinet.  It was a little hard to let them go, but we can’t keep everything (and we are still keeping a ton), and we needed the space for all of your bigger kid toys and things that are taking over the house.


 We went back to the zoo.  You just absolutely adore the penguins.  It is so cute to watch how excited you get when they swim down close to you.  I think they are my favorite too.  This time you got to ride the carousel for the first time.  I was a bit worried that you might get scared and want off once it started going, but you were all smiles and really enjoyed it.

We celebrated Father’s Day.  You and your daddy have such a special bond.  I love to watch you laugh and play together.  You have a really great dad who loves you so much more than you can ever imagine, Madeline.  You are one lucky girl.

We of course got to see some fireworks for the Fourth of July.  We did two days of festivities.  On the 4th we had same family and food at our house.  You were had fun watching daddy shoot of fireworks, but I think your favorite were the colored smoke balls.  We helped you hold a sparkler for the first time.  You weren’t quite sure what to think of the whole thing.  Then on the 5th, our church had a big celebration.  You got to have a sno-cone and you got some glow sticks and a neat purple bracelet.  Then it was time to watch the big fireworks show.  You did really good.  You were a bit scared at first, but once you settled in you seemed to like them.  I could here you saying “ohhhh” and pointing at them.  It is such a joy to watch the world through your eyes, Maddy.  Everything is big and new and exciting.

In the last month you have begun walking, you are officially off of bottles, you still hate water (even though you look adorable in your swimsuit), you know and can point to your body parts (head, feet, tummy, mouth, nose, eyes, ears, hands), you pick up your toys when asked and put them away, you now have 5 teeth (two on bottom and 3 on top), and you are talking up a storm (mama, dada, hi, hey, hello, dog, baba, all done, good job, good girl, bye, non, yeah, yes, huh, this, here, up, and probably a bunch more I’m forgetting).

You are just learning and growing so very quickly.  You are an amazingly smart, funny, sweet, and beautiful little girl, and I am the lucky one that gets to be your mom.  So lucky!


 Love Always and Forever,


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