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11 Months

My Dear Sweet Madeline,

Today you are eleven months old.  You are growing up so very fast.  We are just completely mesmerized by you.  
You have such a sweet personality.
You are an incredibly happy little girl and I think it is because you know how very loved you truly are. 
This last month has been one big month of new and exciting things for you.
We celebrated your first Valentine’s Day.  You really are my little sweetheart.
You got your second tooth.  I wasn’t super convinced about the amber necklace you wear to help with teething pain, but so far you’ve got two teeth in and have never even fussed about it.  
You pull up on everything and will even let go from time to time.  I’m just waiting for you to take off walking any day now.  You have learned to clap your hands and say “hi.”  You are pretty hit or miss with the talking thing, but we have heard “dog”, “all done”, and “hey.”  
You love to play and have become obsessed with your shape sorting blocks.  I’m pretty sure they are your favorite toy ever.
We took you to the park for the first time yesterday and you got to swing like a big kid.  You LOVED it.  Mommy and daddy both took turns take you down the slide too.  You had so much fun and I am so glad that the weather is starting to get warmer so that we can take lots of trips to the park.
Mommy also taught you how to give high-fives.  It is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Now if someone says “gimme five” you reach up and slap their hand.  You have also started to pretend.  You like to play like you are picking things up and handing/feeding them to us.  You are just amazing.
One of the most exciting things this last month has been getting to see your sweet face grace Hallmark Baby’s emails.  It was such a fun surprise to open my email and see your pretty blue eyes staring back at me.  We are just so proud of you and love that we had the opportunity to “show you off” to the world and hopefully you were able to brighten someone’s day with your sweet baby smile.  
This last month also gave us the chance to put on your snowsuit and get you out in the snow.  You weren’t too sure about it, but it sure made for some cute photos.  
We also remembered your big brother, Joshua on his birthday this last month.  I so wish that would have had the chance to grow up with him.  I’m sure you two would be causing all kinds of trouble and becoming best friends by now.  Getting to watch you grow up this last year has been so beautiful and you are such an amazing little person that sometimes it makes me sad that I didn’t get to see your big brother do those amazing things too.  I never want you to feel like you are living in his shadow, but knowing how awesome you are makes me realize how awesome he would have been too.  
You are such a sweet baby girl.  You are just so much fun and as sad as I am about how quickly you are growing up (why can’t I keep you a tiny baby for just a little bit longer?) I am so excited to see the little girl that you are becoming.  You are smart.  You are quick.  You are simply amazing.  
Love Always and Forever,
Your Momma

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