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10 Months

Dear Sweet Madeline,

Today you are 10 months old!  You are only two months away from turning 1 whole year old.   That is just so crazy to me.  These last 10 months have flown by.  You have brought such a beautiful little light into our lives and we are just over the moon in love with you.
This last month has been a lot of sickness and cold.  You came down with your first stomach flu and it was miserable.  You couldn’t keep anything down for 3 days and still refused to eat much for a couple more days after that.
It really messed your little tummy up and we had to end up putting Karo syrup in your bottles just to get you to be able to go to the bathroom (embarrassing I know, but it’s true).  With all of that, you dropped some weight and caused the doctor and mommy and daddy to worry a little.  You are already on the small side, so you didn’t have a lot to lose before we started to worry.
Thankfully, your tummy seems much better now and you are back to your happy self and most importantly you are back to eating very well.
You basically will eat anything.  You love your bottles.  You love your purees.  You love applesauce.  You love yogurt.  You love waffles.  You love puffs and yogurt melts.  You love basically anything that is on mommy’s plate.  We are feeding you more and more “regular” food and you love it.
You like it when I give you whatever it is that I’m eating (pasta, meatballs, scrambled eggs, bread of any kind, carrots, green beans, banana, baked potato, avocado, chicken…basically anything and everything).  We let you at least taste most everything these days except we are still staying away from sugar.  That’s probably why, after you had that first bottle that had Karo syrup in it, you acted like you were on a sugar high.  From no sugar to syrup in your milk kind of made you a little excited.
Somewhere in the middle of all of the sickness, you also (finally) got your first tooth.  One day, I was sitting and playing with you and you grabbed my hand and started to chew on my finger, like you often do, but this time it hurt.  I took a look and sure enough, a little tooth had popped up.  You look so cute with your little one toothed grin.
Your personality is really shining these days.  You no longer seem like this tiny little baby but rather a sweet, funny, ornery, sassy, smart little girl.  It is so fun to see the person you are becoming.
You are growing up so fast and you are getting so smart.  You repeat several words back to us now and will usually wave when you see us for the first time.
You are working really hard on this standing and walking thing.  I have this strange feeling this one of these days you are just going to get up and start walking like it’s no big deal.
You have this really intense way of concentrating on things.  It’s like I can actually see your mind working as you try and figure out how things work.
You love to crawl all over the place and unless you are just super tired, it is difficult to hold you these days because you just want to be moving.  You’ve got places to go and toys to find.
You have discovered your toy bin that we keep in the living room.  Now when we put you down, it is usually the first thing that you crawl over to and you proceed to take every toy out until it is empty.
You are wearing 6 month clothes (I told you that you were little) and can occasionally still fit into a 3-6 month outfit.  You weigh 16 pounds.
Your favorite word is still “dad.”  Whenever you see daddy you will look right at him and just say “dad.”  You’ve got him wrapped around your little finger.  I’m pretty sure you could ask him for the moon and he would try to figure out a way to get it for you.
I’m pretty smitten with you too.  You are my mini-me and I just love to make you smile and giggle.
You are our sweet baby girl and we continue to just be amazed by you each and every day.  We love you, princess!
Love Always and Forever,

1 thought on “10 Months”

  1. These past 10 months have been pure joy for this grandmother.. When she reached out for me I had to fight back the tears.She has brought such joy to our family, it has been a while since we have had a little one around. I can’t wait to hear those words “grandma” Love you Maddy, Grandmare Hoffman.


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