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Nine Months

Dear Madeline,


Today you are 9 months old!  How on earth did that happen?  3/4 of a year have gone by in the blink of an eye.


The biggest thing this last month was celebrating your first Christmas.  You will learn soon that your momma loves traditions.  We started our Christmas traditions with your visit to see Santa last month and decorating the tree.  This month we drove through the Plaza and looked at the pretty lights, we baked and decorated Christmas cookies (I even let you have a super tiny bite), we read Christmas books, watched Christmas movies, we did a lot of shopping and wrapping, and Christmas Eve we opened up a special Christmas package of new pajamas, Madeline’s Christmas book, and a movie.  We made handprint ornaments and took lots of photos.  Christmas morning momma made French Toast Casserole just like I’ve done every year since mommy and daddy have been married.  You ate it up.  I think you like it just as much as your daddy.  Of course there were lots and lots of presents.  You were super spoiled.



We also welcomed in a whole new year!  I can’t believe that in 3 short months we will celebrating your first birthday!  Momma has got to get planning.

10704001_10100344990503729_1245113203235890141_n 10898057_10100345013148349_110056393016176010_n

You started a new daycare this last month.  You love Ms. Melissa and seem to be doing really well (nap time aside – and even that is getting better).


It is so fun to watch your personality develop.  You are sweet and cuddly.  You are funny and love to laugh.  You are so very smart and seem to really focus in on things to try and figure out new toys and the things around you.


You officially know what mama and dada mean and you will often say them to us when you want our attention.  When daddy comes home in the evenings you will look at him, smile, and say dada dada dada.  It is just absolutely precious.


You are really working on walking.  You can crawl, we’ve seen you do it several times, but you would much rather stand up and try to walk.  You have figured out how to pull yourself up to standing.  I’m not sure I’m quite ready for you to be getting so big so fast.  Your favorite thing about your new walker though is the phone.  You love to “call” all of your little baby friends.


Your favorite food is still yogurt and you eat it most mornings for breakfast.  You are wearing 6 month clothes.  You finally like your jumper, but you still hate bath time.  You love to read books and music is your favorite thing.  You will tap your little foot to the beat and you will “dance” (bounce) to the music.  Sometimes you will even sing along (yell and babble).  You are still a very cuddly baby, but you also love to sit and play.  You get very excited when we put you in your highchair, you love to eat.


You still love our dog, Sophie, but she still won’t come close enough for you to pet her.  Instead you will watch her and laugh and laugh.  You find her moodiness hilarious. You are just such a happy baby and it is so fun to watch you explore the world around you.


You are our squish, our little bit, our bitty girl, our baby bear, our love, and you are our world.  We simply adore you, sweet girl.


Love You Always and Forever,


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