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Eight Months

Dear Madeline,


Today you are 8 months old!  Time seems to be flying right on by.  This last month, like all the others before, was so much fun with you.


You have mastered the art of the happy scream.  You are so loud now when we take you out that it’s not just your chubby little cheeks that draw attention, but your loud little squeals too.


We celebrated you first Thanksgiving last month.  Can you guess what I’m most thankful for?  I cooked a big Thanksgiving meal and your Grandma Hoffman, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Jeff, and cousin Kelsey came over to eat and celebrate with us.  I even let you taste a little bit of sweet potato, mashed potatoes, turkey, and green beans.  You were not a big fan of the mashed potatoes.


Your newest “trick” is babbling something that sounds exactly like you are saying “I love you.”  Maddy bear, have I told you that you can have a pony yet, because seriously, it is the most adorable thing ever!  I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what you are trying to say since you hear it about a million times a day.  You also give kisses on command now (at least to me) which melts your momma’s heart every time.  They are just the sweetest thing ever.


You love to practice “walking” while holding our hands.  You are still pretty wobbly, but it is quite cute to watch you try.  You always have the biggest smile on your face.  You are just so proud of yourself.


You also got to meet Santa Clause for the first time.  I’m not sure you were his biggest fan though.  You did fine until he turned you around to face him and you realized that you did not recognize that face.  I quickly picked you up (after snapping a photo, of course).


Every where we go, people stop and talk to you.  You are a charmer for sure.


Currently your favorite foods are yogurt, Cream of Wheat, and bananas.  You also love your little “puffs.”  You are getting very good at picking up your food and feeding yourself which makes giving you small bites of the food we are eating much easier and a lot of fun.


You still are not a fan of crawling, but you are very good at standing up and will try to take a couple steps while holding on to the coffee table.  It’s very hit or miss, but you are getting there.


We put up our Christmas tree and you got your first two ornaments.  The Dumbo ornament plays “Baby Mine” which I adore since that is what I often sing to you when you are sad.  You stop crying, look at me, and smile.


It has been a busy month for you baby girl.  You are such a good little baby and I am just so proud of you.


Love You Always and Forever,


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