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Seven Months

Dear Sweet Madeline,


Today you are 7 months old!  This last month has been exciting one around here.  You have spent a lot of time watching the Kansas City Royals play post season baseball for the first time since your daddy was a little baby!  You would wave your hands and cheer (yell) at the t.v. just like daddy.


On October 26th, mommy and daddy took you to church and dedicated you.  Basically that means that the whole church prayed over you and we promised to raise you well and teach you about Jesus.  It is our prayer that you will grow up knowing that you are loved not just by us, but by the God that created you and gave you to us.  I’m sure we will have lots of conversations about God and Heaven in the future.  I promise to always be honest with you and truthful.

IMG_5438We also celebrated your first Halloween.  While there was no trick-or-treating for you this year, there were fun costumes!   Officially you were a little ladybug, but we also had a little Minnie Mouse outfit that your cousin (mommy’s cousin), Cora sent you.  You were quite cute helping mommy answer the door and pass out candy.  You even tried to pick up the candy bucket all by yourself.  Such a strong girl.


Your current favorite thing is to stand up. all. the. time.  You will wiggle out of my arms wanting me to put you down on the floor so you can practice stand up.  Most of the time you will hold on to the coffee table and just smile big.  So proud of your accomplishment.  Last week, you stood all by yourself for a few seconds without holding on to anything.


You are still not interested in crawling.  You know how to go backwards, but you can’t seem to figure out how to go forward.  But that’s okay.  You just twist and turn and scoot yourself all around until you get to whatever you’ve had your eye on.  You are eating a lot more “real” food now.  So far the only thing you haven’t cared for has been peas, and I can’t blame you.  I don’t like them either.  You are also becoming much more vocal.  You will babble “ma”, “da”, “ba”, and “na” for what seems like hours.  You are very chatty.  You love to play peek-a-boo and will giggle as you pull the blanket off your head.  You are very ticklish and we love to hear your little laugh.


You weigh 15 pounds and are 25 1/4 inches tall.  You are growing up so big, but you still fit in 3 months clothes.  Mommy may have cried just a little while I was packing away your newborn outfits.  Everyday you seem to change and grow so much.  You are so sweet and so smart.  Your beautiful little smile has truly captured our hearts.  We love you bunches, baby girl.


Love Always and Forever,


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