Daily, Kansas City

A Royal Run

For the last month, we have donned rally caps, 10408530_10100294447292729_2490667689998617481_n

worn lucky bows,

stayed up way too late, 10685372_10100297978156849_6083498119366105118_n

collected wins,10704154_10100301277514909_7744259728294954064_n

cheered as a family,10710972_10100299117129339_295810549781425363_n

and celebrated many victories.10731050_10100298077632499_4030397777184707879_nPatrick and I are both HUGE Kansas City Royals fans.  In fact, that was one of the many things we talked about on our first date., our mutual love for a team who has struggled to remain relevant for most of our lives.

We have both sat through years of 100+ loss seasons.  We have attended games and faithfully cheered on our boys in blue.  We were both born with Royal Blue blood in our veins.  We attended as many games as we could while dating and throughout our marriage so far, and we will continue to take great joy in taking our children to games at the K for many years to come.

This season has been the most fun season to watch and experience so far in our lives (well at least that we can actually remember – we don’t remember 1985).

This season, we have were able to take our daughter to her first baseball game.


We were able to watch OUR TEAM in the World Series.

It was a record breaking, history making, whirlwind of an October, and while we are heartbroken that we fell short of winning it all, we are just so darn proud of what this year’s Royals team did.

MLB: ALDS-Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals

For the last 30 days, the entire city, from the fountains to the attire of nearly everyone we passed on the street, has been Royal Blue.  Every where we went we could hear people talking about the team that we love.  It seemed like people all over the country were jumping on the Royals bandwagon and cheering on this team that we love so much.


Be proud Kansas City Royals fans.  Our team had an incredible run.  We showed the entire country that baseball is relevant in Kansas City.  Now, let’s just pray that we get the chance to have October baseball again next year!

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