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Stop Comparing and Just Support

I think I’m in too many different “mom” groups on Facebook.  Car seats, diapers, breast feeding, baby wearing, etc. there is so much drama.  How about we all just raise our babies the best way we can and try to support each other in the process.

I cloth diaper – that doesn’t mean you have to (though it’s awesome).

I nurse Madeline, but we also supplement with formula because of her reflux.

I make Madeline’s baby food, but I realize that not everyone has the time or resources for that.   As long as you aren’t feeding your infant McDonalds, I think you are doing a great job.

We use a stroller, an Ergo, and a Moby wrap, it just depends on the day.  As long as you are caring for your child, that’s all that matters.

We co-sleep.  I realize that it’s not for everyone.

Stop trying to compare.

Just be supportive.

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