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Citrus Lane – October Box

This month’s box is pink for Breast Cancer awareness – how fun!

As always, use my link HERE to receive 50% off your first box!


First up we have some baby leggings!  I love these little leg warmers on Madeline.  It is nice to be able to put her in just a onesie and throw some leg warmers on her for around the house.  They make diaper changes so much easier.  These are made by Ooh La Leggies.  I LOVE the ruffles!DSC01980

Next, we received a Cage Bell toy made by Hohner Kids.  This is pretty cute.  Madeline loves anything that makes noise so for her this is a win.  This is a handle that is easier for her to grip and shake.  Very cute.


The next thing in this month’s box was a sweet little soft baby doll made by the North American Bear Co.  Madeline immediately tried to eat it, so I’m going to say she likes it.  That is how she currently shows affection.  :)

The last thing in this month’s box was a couple of samples from Weleda. It looks like we have a sample Shampoo and Body Wash and a Diaper Rash Cream.  I probably won’t use the diaper cream since we use cloth and are pretty limited on what we can actually use with that, but once again this is a company that appears to use mostly all natural ingredients which is always great.

Another great Citrus Lane box with a great value.  DSC01984

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