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Six Months

Dear My Darling Madeline,


Today you are 6 months old!  Half a year!  I can’t believe that half a year has already gone by.  It seems like just yesterday that you were being placed in my arms, all swaddled up tight with that little white hat with the giant bow.  You were the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen.  You had bright blue eyes, the softest skin, and those awesome squishy cheeks that I just couldn’t help but kiss.  You were so perfect.

20140409-115243.jpgToday, you are even more beautiful and you continue to amaze me every single day.


And I still can’t stop kissing those sweet, squishy cheeks.

You are growing so much and everyday you seem to learn something new.  You are a pro at sitting up on your own now, and you are starting to rock back and forth on your hands and knees.  Occasionally you will crawl backwards a bit, but never long enough for me to catch it on video.


Your personality is really starting to shine.  You are funny and love to laugh.  And I am pretty sure that you have the best laugh ever.

10686905_10100277704739939_8151030537951479949_nThanks to my cousin David, you got to go to your very first Royals game this last month.  You did so good.  You loved watching all the people and you totally charmed the young men that were sitting behind us.  You even ended up sleeping through a lot of the game once I put you in the Moby wrap.

10622700_10100276659779049_7954227905988179967_nSpeaking of my cousin David, we got to hang out with his three girls this last month.  You had such fun watching the big girls play.  Edee, had such a good time holding you and helping give you a bottle.  I can’t wait to watch you all grow up together.  As I’m sure you are learning, our family is full of lots of love and lots of cousins!


This last month you got to do lots of really fun things.  You did get that modeling job with Hallmark, so we spent one day at a farm and one day at their studios taking lots and lots of photos.  I can’t wait to see how they use them this Spring.  We also entered you into the Cute Baby contest at Oktoberfest.  You were so cute in your Candy Corn Princess tutu and bow.  You were officially named the Cutest Baby for your age group.


A little bit more of that personality I was referring to.  One of your new favorite sounds is what I refer to as your dinosaur roar.  You will roar and growl and just smile.  Clearly, you are proud of your noisy little self.


You are constantly grabbing everything you see.  Your favorite thing to try and grab is my phone.  I have to hide it from you, because if you see it nearby you will try to lunge out of my arms to grab it.  Everything you can grab instantly goes in your mouth.  My hair.  My phone.  Your toys.  Your bear.  And most especially your socks and your toes.  You will not keep your socks on and it is not uncommon for me to look back in the mirror in the car and find that you have taken your sock off and are now trying to eat it.


You are so silly.


You light up our whole world, baby doll.  You are just such an amazing miracle and I will never stop being thankful for how God has blessed us with you.

I love you to the moon and back!

Love always and forever,


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