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A Royal Run

For the last month, we have donned rally caps,  worn lucky bows, stayed up way too late,  collected wins, cheered as a family, and celebrated many victories.Patrick and I are both HUGE Kansas City Royals fans.  In fact, that was one of the many things we talked about on our first date., our mutual love… Continue reading A Royal Run

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Stop Comparing and Just Support

I think I'm in too many different "mom" groups on Facebook.  Car seats, diapers, breast feeding, baby wearing, etc. there is so much drama.  How about we all just raise our babies the best way we can and try to support each other in the process. I cloth diaper - that doesn't mean you have… Continue reading Stop Comparing and Just Support

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Citrus Lane – October Box

This month's box is pink for Breast Cancer awareness - how fun! As always, use my link HERE to receive 50% off your first box! First up we have some baby leggings!  I love these little leg warmers on Madeline.  It is nice to be able to put her in just a onesie and throw some… Continue reading Citrus Lane – October Box

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Six Months

Dear My Darling Madeline, Today you are 6 months old!  Half a year!  I can't believe that half a year has already gone by.  It seems like just yesterday that you were being placed in my arms, all swaddled up tight with that little white hat with the giant bow.  You were the most beautiful… Continue reading Six Months

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Hi There

Okay, so I know I've been "missing" for awhile now. Life has been busy, but I figured it was time for an update. I still need to go back and post Madeline's 4 and 5 month updates before it is time for a 6 month one. They are written, I just need to add photos.… Continue reading Hi There