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Citrus Lane – September Box

Once again, our Citrus Lane box showed up early.  Yea!

As always, use my link HERE to receive 50% off your first box!

First thing we received was this very pretty long sleeve bodysuit from Tea Collection.  This is the second piece of clothing we have received from this Company in our Citrus Lane boxes and I LOVE their clothes.  Everything is so pretty and super soft. DSC01961

Next up, were these Fleet Stacking Boats from boon.  Madeline is so not a fan of bath time, so hopefully these can help make it a little more fun for her.  We’ll see.  Regardless, they are super cute and of course we always love boon products. Their silicon teething feeder is Madeline’s favorite way to eat bananas.


We also received a happy baby food pouch.  This one is a Stage 2 – spinach, mango, and pear pouch.  The plan is to make all (or most) of Madeline’s food myself, however, I’m sure there will be occasions where we will buy some premade food.  I like the happy baby company because everything is organic.  The ingredients here are simply spinach, mango, pear, and a little lemon juice.  We’re not ready for Stage 2 quite yet, but we will be using this for sure.DSC01965

The last thing we received this month was a sample of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day liquid dish soap.  I’ve bought some Mrs. Meyer’s products in the past.  I haven’t yet tried the dish soap, but what I love about these products is how natural they are (97% naturally derived according to their website.  I have really been trying to move towards all natural cleaners (Honest Company, Dapple, etc.).  I really like the idea of being able to keep everything clean without having to worry about all of those stinky (and dangerous) chemicals.DSC01968

Overall, I think this was a great box.  There wasn’t a lot in it, but what we did receive was great quality and will most certainly get some great use.DSC01969

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