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Five Months

Dear Sweet Madeline,


Today you turned five months old and your daddy celebrated his 29th (that’s 348 months old) birthday.


You are growing like crazy and have become such a busy little baby.

1908429_10100263610150609_416813276738202273_nYou had quite the exciting month.  Earlier in the month, I sent some of your photos to a local modeling agency, just to see if there was any interest, after all, I think you are the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen.  Well, they emailed me right back and let me know that there was a casting call for a Hallmark coming up and that they thought you would be perfect.  So, a couple weeks ago, we took you down to their studio and they dressed you up in their clothes and took a few photos.  Everyone said that you were adorable and that we should send your photo to Gerber.  We laughed, because they weren’t the first to tell us that.  It seems like someone is always telling us that you look like a Gerber baby.  For now, our fingers are crossed that they call us back.


In other, equally as exciting to us news, we started to give you a sippy cup.  Mainly just to play with it and get used to the idea, but I did put a little bit of water in it and you seemed to think it was pretty fun to have something new to chew on.


You are growing like crazy and are now up to 24.5 inches and 13 pounds and 12 ounces!  You are still in the 20th/25th percentile, but you are growing happy and healthy and that’s all that matters.


You have really started to “talk” a lot more.  You are constantly making noises and seem like you are really trying to have a conversation with us.  It’s so fun to hear all of the new little sounds that you learn.  So far, you have babbled babababa, dadada, mamama, ohhohhohh and hi.  It totally sounds like you are talking, but I’m not counting it towards your first words quite yet, but is so amazing when you randomly babble mama.


After talking to your doctor, she said that since you were sitting up so well and seemed to be interested in our food all the time, that we could start trying a few “real” foods with you.  We decided to start with avocado.  You did really well for your first time.  You were a little confused about the spoon that I was putting in your mouth, but you seemed to really get excited about the taste of something other than milk.  We aren’t giving you much, and we aren’t doing it every night (we will wait until you are six months to really start), but so far you seem to like what we have let you taste.


You really loved the banana and you especially loved that you were able to feed yourself with this cool little silicon feeder thing.


You ended up with a bit of a cold last week.  This was the first one that really worried me.  You ran a fever for about a week and we made a couple trips to the doctor just to have you checked out.  We doctored you right up with a humidifier, snot sucker, saline spray, Tylenol, and lots of extra cuddles.

10541812_10100272918556489_2617360557159566766_nSometimes, I think you are just too much fun to dress up.

You, my sweet girl, are just so amazing.  Everyday you are learning so much and you are just a complete joy to be around.  I love you, Lil Bit.

Love always and forever,


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