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Four Months

Dear Madeline,


Today, my sweet girl, you are 4 months old!  Boy, oh boy, has time flown by.  It has been almost exactly one year since we first found out that you were on your way to us.  We loved you instantly in that moment and we have spent the last year falling in love with our sweet princess.

IMG_3579You continue to amaze us everyday.  You are such a happy little girl.  You smile and laugh all the time and with each giggle you melt our hearts a little more.  You are growing and learning new “tricks” everyday it seems.  This last month you have mastered the art of rolling over and you have perfected your gurgling.

You love to hold your own bottle and you will try and take it from us we are holding it.

You have also discovered that you have FEET!  You’re pretty excited about it.  It makes changing your diaper a bit of a challenge as you aren’t too happy that you have to let go of them so we can put a clean diaper on you.

Speaking of diapers, we now use cloth diapers 100% of the time!  I’m so excited to not be buying disposables anymore.  I’m even thinking about switching to cloth wipes too!

IMG_3949We just love you to pieces, little Bitty.  You love to be bounced and rocked.  You are not a fan of sitting still.  You are busy and very in to your teethers and toys.


You have learned to roll over and now you pretty much refuse to stay on your belly when we lay you down.  Speaking of laying you down…you have decided you can no longer sleep in the pack n play or bassinet and instead, you much prefer to sleep right next to me in our bed.  I was adamant when I was pregnant with you that we would not co-sleep, and now, here we are.  For awhile you were sleeping at least part of the night in your bassinet, but ever since you start rolling we had to switch from the bassinet to the pack n play and you are so not having it.  It’s okay.  I actually really love the extra cuddles.


We’ve started letting you have a little time in your high chair.  We know that you will be starting solids soon and so I’m trying to get you used to sitting in it. So far it is a great way for you to be able to sit up and play with some of your favorite toys.  You love your Leapfrog Puppy, Violet. You think it is so funny when it sings silly songs and talks to you.  You also LOVE that pink ball.  So much in fact, that we usually attach it to your carseat so that you take it with you wherever you go.


You are still a little unsure about your jumper.  You love to push all the buttons, but you haven’t quite figured out how to bounce in it yet.  You are still kind of little for it, so we have to put a pillow under your feet so that you can reach the floor.  You do get super excited about all of those buttons to push and toys to grab on to.

10563044_10100238404996939_5399725606485454376_n You are just too cool.


You are still smitten with your daddy, but you have started to become a real momma’s girl.  10522520_10100250766374639_5284647665101424718_nAnd I’ve gotta say, I love it.  ;)

You are such a beautiful little princess and I am just so blessed to be your momma.

Love you always and forever,


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