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Confetti Cucumber Salsa.  This looks like another great way to use up all of those cucumbers I keep buying at the Farmer’s Market.

Confetti Cucumber Salsa

I think one of the most annoying things that I have discovered about being a mom is that apparently it is a competition.  Oh, didn’t you know that if you don’t _______ then you clearly aren’t as good of a mom as me.  And how dare you ___________  don’t you know that will cause your child to spend years in therapy.  I wish we could stop trying to constantly compare parenting styles and realize that we should all be in this together and try supporting each other rather than comparing so much. This post seems to sum it up perfectly:

 So right now, to you and all other parents, I want to say this:  as long as you’re not harming your child or doing something illegal, you don’t have to defend your parenting to me.  Do you feel good about your decision?  Or did you feel good, until you saw that I made a different one?  If yes, then stand proud in it.  Give your kid juice.  Let her wear a bikini or eat whatever cracker best suits your family.  Do not feel bad or judged or critiqued because my family does it differently.  Chances are we also have different histories, values, goals, relationships– we’re making our decisions from different places.

From – Mom Upside Down

57 Thoughts Everyone Has When Trying To Get A Baby To Go To Sleep

Focus. Believe. You can do this.

His sleepy crying is really quite cute. When he’s almost nodding off it sounds like the batteries are running out on a stereo.

I do remember what sleep is like, I think.

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