Things I Found Around the Web


I’m dying to make some homemade pickles.  This recipe looks pretty easy.  Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles.  Now, I just need to go get some small cucumbers at the Farmer’s Market…

Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles

This lemon icebox delight looks amazing.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Lemon Icebox Delight.


Baby Stuff:

Madeline will be coming up on the 4th Leap (Wonder Weeks) and the 4 month sleep regression very soon.  I’m scared…

You finally got into the swing of things. You had a schedule (feeding and sleeping) that was working for the most part. Some kids were happily sleeping through the night and then BLAMO…everything is a mess. Your calm baby is fussy. Sleep patterns are all over the place. Doesn’t want to be put down. Up multiple times at night. Finicky eating. Growth spurts. It is pure chaos. And unlike the previous weeks, this one is LONG. I got the leap alarm email when Oliver turned about 14 weeks old…it can start that earlier and keep on trucking.

I really want to order one of these for Madeline.  She definitely needs a stuffed animal with her birth facts on it.  Love it!

Personalized Baby Gift Monogrammed Baby---what a great keepsake!

A friend post this on Facebook, and I just absolutely love it.

Photo: <3 this! Thanks for sharing Leeann.


I’ve been buying a lot of ribbon lately so that I can start making Madeline some hair bows.  I’m loving how cute these are.

This step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own DIY flower hair bows is not only easy, it only costs pennies to make! Coordinate with every outfit, or whip up something special for an upcoming Holiday. Your daughter or niece will absolutely love wearing one!With all of these new hair bows, Maddy is going to need a new way to display them all.  This idea is cute.

hair bow holder


This dad’s version of “Rude” is just too funny.  I’m pretty sure Patrick will be signing this in 20+ years.

So very true.  And I can’t even be sad about it.


I love Jamaal Charles’ response as to why he wasn’t headed to training camp:

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