Wishful Thinking


I’m sitting here holding my sweet little Madeline and she is staring over my shoulder with the biggest smile on her face and she just keeps laughing.

I often wonder if she is seeing something (or someone) that we can’t see…

It makes me sad that Maddy will never have her big brother here to make her laugh. It’s kinda nice to think that maybe he comes and visits her – looking out for her the way a big brother should.

Maybe that makes me sound crazy, but I honestly believe it. I think that when you are little your mind is more open to things like that. Logic and cynicism haven’t completely taken over and so maybe as a child you are more in touch with things that are beyond this world.

Maybe someday I will have the answers and know for sure, but for now I’m just praying, hoping, and wishing that Madeline will grow up knowing her big brother.

Missing Joshua tonight.

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