Be You

My dear daughter Madeline,

I pray that you will always believe in yourself.

I want you to know that you are not just beautiful but also strong.

I want you to always know that you don’t just have a pretty face but also a kind soul.

I want you to remember that you aren’t just cute but intelligent too.

Right now you are an undeniably adorable baby and it fills me with pride and joy when every stranger we pass stops to tell us so. However, I want you to know that there is so much more in this world than beauty. I want you to be strong and smart and funny and compassionate and ambitious and brave and most of all I want you to be you.

I know that being a girl you will be faced with pressure to be what society thinks is beautiful. Ignore them. Forget about how the magazines and movies tell you you should look and dress. If you spend your time focusing on being beautiful from the inside then that beauty will shine from within and that is what matters.

I want you to take pride in who you are and spend more time caring for others than in front of a mirror.

I want to raise you to have faith in God. You were created by God and you are the absolute perfect version of you.

Be who you were made to be, don’t try to be like everyone else.

Don’t listen to those who make you feel like you are not enough.

You are enough.

There is this video that is currently going around the internet:

I pray that by the time you are in school, phrases such as “like a girl” will have lost their negative connotation, but just in case they haven’t, remember that God created you to be a girl and that is an awesome thing.

You can wear a pretty dress, paint your nails, and curl your hair for church on Sunday and then go kick a ball and score a goal on Saturday. You can write a book, paint a picture, or go build something out of wood. You can climb a tree, play in the dirt, or bake a cake. You, my daughter, can do anything.

So be strong. Be smart. Be creative. Be athletic. Be funny. Be kind. Be courageous. Be anything you want to be, but most importantly, just be you.

Love Always and Forever,




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