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Recipe: Kettle Corn

This past weekend, Patrick decided he wanted popcorn and I had been wanting to try making kettle corn at home so that is just what I did.  One small glitch, I was out of oil, but I did have butter which worked perfectly.  It was super easy and so good. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of unsalted… Continue reading Recipe: Kettle Corn



Just some random photos from the last week. This sweet baby can go from sound asleep to screaming in 0.3 seconds flat. If she is not in my arms, this is how Madeline would prefer to sleep at night. I can lay her down on her back, but she instantly rolls onto her side and… Continue reading Snapshots



I feel like more and more memories are coming back to me.  I guess it's not really the memories of the actual events of the day as those have always been crystal clear, but its the memories of the emotions I felt during those first few hours, days, and weeks. Like today, out of nowhere,… Continue reading Abandoned


Things I Found Around the Web

Recipes: I'm dying to make some homemade pickles.  This recipe looks pretty easy.  Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles.  Now, I just need to go get some small cucumbers at the Farmer's Market... This lemon icebox delight looks amazing.   Baby Stuff: Madeline will be coming up on the 4th Leap (Wonder Weeks) and the 4 month sleep regression… Continue reading Things I Found Around the Web


Madeline’s Story

I was honored to be asked by Lindsey to share Madeline's birth story over on her new site Pregnancy After Loss Support. The familiar wave of nausea had hit me hard. I crawled back in bed only to find myself huddled in the bathroom once again five minutes later. I had one test left from… Continue reading Madeline’s Story



Somedays are so blissfully happy that to anyone looking in you wouldn't see that there was anything (anyone) missing. Somedays I wake up in the middle of the night completely panicked that something is wrong. Somedays the anxiety and fear is so much that I can barely breathe. Somedays I can hold it all together.… Continue reading Somedays


Citrus Lane – July Box

  Madeline received her July Citrus Lane box!  So far, I'm really loving these boxes. Remember you can get 50% off your first box by using this link right here.   Now on to the good stuff!  When you open each box, you are always greeted some pretty yellow tissue paper and a little note… Continue reading Citrus Lane – July Box


Week in Review

Guess who thinks she doesn't have a bedtime? She is just laying here cooing and smiling at me. #sillygirl#whyareyoustillawake 7/12/14 She's killing me with the cuteness. #naptime#swingtime 7/13/14 You missed your mouth with that WubbaNub there, kiddo. #niceeffort  7/15/14 Just hanging out on the playmat. #mommysgirl 7/16/14 She makes my heart happy. 7/17/14 Sweet girl. 7/18/14


Rainbows and Guilt

Lately I've been feeling a bit of guilt. Having Madeline here means my mind is focused solely on her and her needs nearly 100% of the time.  This means that sometimes, just sometimes, I'm not thinking about Joshua. And this makes me sad. I know that if he were still here with us my attention… Continue reading Rainbows and Guilt


Wishful Thinking

I'm sitting here holding my sweet little Madeline and she is staring over my shoulder with the biggest smile on her face and she just keeps laughing. I often wonder if she is seeing something (or someone) that we can't see... It makes me sad that Maddy will never have her big brother here to… Continue reading Wishful Thinking