Farmer’s Market Saturdays


Since Summer is upon us, Madeline and I have started a new little tradition.  Every Saturday morning (unless it’s raining) we get up early and go pick up my mom and head out to the farmer’s market.


So far, we have been to the one in Raytown (we’ll wait until they have a little bit more stuff to go back), Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park.  Hopefully, Patrick will have a Saturday off soon and we can all go down to the Downtown Kansas City City Market.  I’m not sure I want to venture down there with Maddy without him just yet.  It’s nice to have an extra set of hands for when she gets fussy.


Some Saturdays, my mom, Maddy, and I will even make a couple stops at some garage sales.  Of course Maddy always makes out like a bandit.  Two weeks ago, I got 39 items of clothing for her for $10!  Not that she really needed any of it, but I mean come on, who can pass up a cute dress for 25 cents?!?!






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