Week in Review

Saturday mornings mean the farmer’s market and garage sales with Grandma Hoffman. #summer 6/21/14


I’m trying to resist the urge to constantly squish her cheeks. #mycurrentview  6/21/14


Couldn’t resist. 6/21/14


Absolutely perfect. 6/22/14


Cuddlebug. 6/24/14


I’m refusing to acknowledge that Maddy is outgrowing her newborn clothes… #elevenweekstomorrow#wherehasthetimegone  6/24/14


This time last year I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to feel true joy again. I thought I would forever be broken and hurting. Today, I find so many moments where I feel true joy and such an a amazing sense of peace. While I still miss Joshua intensely, and in many ways I miss him more now than ever before, being able hold Madeline close has been such a beautiful form of therapy. I’m a long way from unbroken, and I expect to stay that way for the rest of my days, but the joy this little girl brings makes all the hurt and pain so much easier to bear. #rainbowbaby #parentingafterloss #love  6/25/14


Good Morning! 6/26/14


Happy Baby  6/27/14

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