Citrus Lane – June 2014



I jumped on the bandwagon and signed Madeline up for Citrus Lane.  I used a new mom code that a friend gave me and got my first box for next to nothing, so I figured I would give it a try.  Overall, I’m highly impressed.  10492449_10100219231111559_2582167271317992345_n


Everything she received was super cute and something that I probably wouldn’t have really known about without Citrus Lane.  I love the fact that everything seems very organic and natural and just generally well made.  I actually did the math on the first box and figured that it would have cost us over $50 to purchase everything individually so overall, the first box was definitely a great deal!

Here’s what we got:


An adorable stuffed Sea Horse from Wee Gallery.


A really cute floral body suit from Tea.10452965_10100219270183259_2429925092451160594_o

Some hand cream from Juicy Beauty.


Samples of Burt’s Bees – Baby Bee Cream to Powder.  This feels so super soft.

So far Maddy’s favorite is the Sea Horse.


Sign up for your own Citrus Lane box using this link  and receive 50% off your first box!


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