Maddy’s First Father’s Day

Watching Patrick celebrate his first Father’s Day without our son, broke my heart last year. Watching Patrick cuddle with Madeline this morning is doing an amazing job of healing that brokenness.  I’ve always said that Patrick is an amazing husband, and that is still true, but I have come to realize that he is an even better daddy. Watching the way he looks at Maddy and the way her eyes always search for him when she hears his voice is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I love the way he comforts her when she’s crying, feeds her a bottle when needed, rocks her to sleep, and plays with her, always trying to make her smile. I really love that he isn’t afraid to change a dirty diaper (even a really stinky one and in cloth at that)  and I adore the way he always has to give her a kiss after putting her in her car seat. Patrick is an amazing dad!



I know we are blessed to have Patrick in our lives. I am so grateful for all he does for our family.


Patrick, I love you so very much. I am so lucky to be your wife and Madeline is so lucky to be your baby girl.

Happy Father’s Day from me, Joshua, Madeline and Sophie too.





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