Two Months

Dear Madeline,


I can’t hardly believe it has been two months since I first saw your beautiful face. You have made these last two months so much fun for your daddy and me. While we are often tired, we would gladly have a thousand more sleepless nights as long as it means you are happy and healthy.


I think that being a parent after a loss makes me all the more aware of how lucky we are to have the chance to wake up with you at 4 am every morning. In fact, that time is something I truly cherish. It’s in those sleepy early morning hours when your daddy is still sleeping soundly and you are there, curled up close to me nursing, that I always pause to soak in your beauty and sweet innocence. You need me. In those moments I am all you need and it fills my heart with so much joy to know that I get to be your momma.



Everyday you are growing and changing so much. You are close to 10 pounds now and I swear you’ve grown at least 2 inches, stretching out the legs of your newborn pajamas. You smile a lot now and I’ve even managed to elicit a couple of giggles, which is truly the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. You have become very aware of everything around you and are no longer satisfied to just lay in our arms. You want to see the world, or at least what is happening in the living room. You like to sit up, with our assistance of course, and you are awesome at holding your head up. It’s actually quite impressive. You have begun cooing at us. Clearly you are going to be a chatterbox and I couldn’t be happier about it. You have discovered your toys and like to reach for things that are in front of you, including mommy’s hair.


I had to start back to work, and while it’s hard to be away from you, I know you are in good hands with your Grandma Hoffman and Aunt Cathy. I love the look on your sweet little face when I get home each day. Your eyes always light up and I usually get a smile. You miss me when I’m not there, but I make up for it with extra kisses and cuddles every morning and night.


We love to spoil you and can’t go to a store without buying you at least one little thing. You have already amassed quite the wardrobe and we are working on toys and books now, but of course momma keeps finding outfits and bows that you just have to have.


We are still nursing when I’m home, but you take a bottle like a champ when I’m away. You still love to cuddle up and nurse whenever you can though and that makes me happy. You are full time in cloth diapers now. It’s actually easier than I expected and even daddy has gotten the hang of it. you can still wear your newborn clothes, but we dress you in a lot of 0-3 month stuff too, because, well because you have a lot of it and that what most of your summer clothes are. You still love car rides and you are incredibly fascinated by the mobile on your swing. You still sleep in our room in the bassinet and we continue to swaddle you each night.


You are a very happy baby. You are full of smiles and really only cry if you have a dirty diaper or if you are overtired. You continue to elicit conversation from strangers everywhere we go. We can’t get through Target without at least a few people stopping us to ask about you. You are just so cute. You fill mommy and daddy with so much pride and joy. We love you beyond words and are so blessed to get to watch you grow.


Love you always and forever,


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