Week in Review


I love watching these two interact. heart emoticon #luckygirl – 5/31/14


Sweet girl. 6/1/14


Flowers fresh from the garden. 6/1/14


Pretty puppy. 6/1/14


Sleepy girl. 6/1/14


Sleepy girl. 6/1/14


“Mom, it’s too early to be up.” 6/2/14


My girl. 6/2/14


Sleepy princess. 6/3/14


Little Bit is 8 weeks old today! How did that happen?#slowdowntime 6/4/14


Hearing news of another momma who had to say goodbye to her baby always breaks my heart wide open again. I miss Joshua with every breath I take. I would give anything to have him here with his baby sister and daddy, and me. Every time I look at Madeline I see a bit of him and it breaks my heart to be stuck wondering what he would be like today. This stuff just never gets easier… 6/4/14


“Oh, I’m just hanging out here in my swing being the cutest baby ever, no biggie.” 6/5/14


Patrick had the day off work today, so that means I got to have some lunch break cuddles. It also meant I nursed baby girl at Planet Sub. We’re getting much better at this whole nursing in public thing. Now I just gotta figure out how to do it while she’s in the Moby or Ergo… Also, look at those chubby little legs and cute feet. Ahhh I just love her to pieces! 6/5/14


Missing my girl big time today. I’m so glad it is Friday. I need my cuddle bug. #workislame 6/6/14


Also missing this guy an awful lot today. I’m so thankful that he has a job that allows him to be home every evening and every weekend with us. 6/6/14


Oh my heart. #love 6/6/14

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