6 Weeks




My baby girl is 6 weeks old!  Time is going by way too fast.  I did a mini photo shoot with Madeline today to mark the occasion.  10359915_10100205317215119_955572357652769938_n 10410227_10100205317329889_5452424486396906135_n 10411874_10100205318317909_3941008039499652080_n 10395858_10100205319146249_8563453111770527539_n 10363340_10100205318806929_4622633013987057113_n 10362849_10100205318662219_7218420246592268773_n 10361063_10100205319016509_6988434788504458754_n 10313378_10100205317938669_1581637880890788430_n 10308289_10100205319315909_8050089919421368888_n 10300213_10100205318582379_519664129851031944_n 10294274_10100205318966609_8943268453009901618_n 1507958_10100205318846849_8834276868073167705_n 1377566_10100205319261019_5139291396688586064_n

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