One Month


Dear Madeline,

Today you are one month old! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. It really does seem like only yesterday that we were hearing your cry for the very first time. This past month has been such a complete joy for your daddy and me. We have been amazed by you daily.


The whole time I was pregnant with you was a bit scary for mom and dad. We wanted you more than anything, and we prayed so hard for you every single day. Even as I felt you wiggle and kick, I had trouble believing that you were actually going to get to come home with us. I was so scared and yet so hopeful. It was a very strange time filled with a lot of different emotions. Someday we will tell you all about your big brother and how we know he was looking out for you and me for those nine months as you grew inside me. After months of trying to push the fear aside, we are so excited that we have you here with us – safe and sound.


I’m not sure there ever was a little girl who was more loved, wanted, and prayed for than you, my sweet girl. There were literally people all over the world praying for your safe arrival. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. You are loved not just by your family, but by strangers everywhere that were praying for you before you were even born. You have quite the fan club, princess.


Your biggest fans are your mom and dad (followed closely by your grandmas). We have taken more than a thousand photos of you already. You could say that we are a bit obsessed with you. I promise not to follow you with a camera to your prom someday…maybe. We just think you are the most beautiful little girl we have ever seen. And based on how many people stop us wherever we go to tell us how gorgeous you are, we don’t think we are just being biased. You have such a sweet little personality to go along with that pretty face.


You are quite content (most of the time) and are generally very happy. You love to be held and are not so excited when we try to put you in your bassinet. You would much prefer to be in our arms and we are happy to oblige. I often find myself just staring at you. I am just so amazed that you are here and that you are mine. The love I have for you multiplies daily and I am just so proud to be your momma.


You love to hold hands and be worn in the Ergo or Moby wrap. You like your WubbaNub and laying on your Boppy pillow. We love dressing you up in cute clothes and having you wear bows. You like to pull mommy’s hair and stare at us as we talk to you. You are patient as our dog, Sophie, sniffs you out daily. You like car rides and your swing (most of the time). You like to stick your tongue out and you smile often in your sleep (I’m sure it’s just gas, but it is still the most precious thing I’ve ever seen). Your hair is really starting to grow and I think it is coming in curly. Your eyes are still blue and I’m hoping they stay that way. You still wear newborn diapers and clothes and are just shy of 8 pounds. You still sleep in our room in your bassinet and will sleep for at least one 4-5 hour stretch at night (most nights). We have several nicknames for you already: Bitty, Princess, Maddy Rose, Bitsy, Squishy, Pumpkin, Sweet Pea, and Sunshine. You love it when I sing “A Bushel and a Peck” and “My Girl.” Really you love all music. You always stop crying when we play music. You are not fond of baths or tummy time, but you are getting very good at holding your head up on your own.


We love you so much, Madeline. You have brought so much joy into our hearts and home. We love watching you grow.

Love You Always and Forever,


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