Maddy’s First Easter

Since Madeline is not even two weeks old, we had Easter at our house this year.  It was just us, my mom, my sister and her husband, and Patrick’s mom.  My mom and sister cooked dinner and I just played dress up with Madeline.  It was nice to not have to drag her and 50 pounds of accessories out of the house.


She got her very first little Bible from her Grandma Hoffman along with a couple of stuffed bunnies and her adorable Easter pajamas. Her Grandma Denney gave her an Easter book. Her Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jeff gave her a super cute stuffed lamb.  Then of course Mommy and Daddy spoiled her with a new dress, a knitted bunny hat and diaper cover, a book, a stuffed chick, a Easter bib, onesie, socks, and more.  Having a little one to buy for sure makes holidays fun!


Here’s a fun fact that I realized today, since Easter is one of those holidays that floats all around the calendar, Madeline will actually get to celebrate two Easters before her first birthday.



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