Week in Review

Guess who just got discharged to go home? Yea! Let the adventure begin! – 4/12/14

First night home with our girl. Do these things come with instructions? – 4/12/14

So proud of our tiny big girl. She did so amazing on her first night home and in her bed (a bassinet in our room) that I had to actually wake her up to feed her. A huge improvement over our 3 nights in the hospital where she refused to sleep anywhere but in our arms. I must admit I had to resist waking her up just to hold her all night.  – 4/13/14

She hasn’t quite figured out what this new thing is that mom and dad brought home, but she is very concerned every time it squeaks. Sophie is doing great with Maddy so far. So excited to watch them grow up together. – 4/13/14

I know it is still just a reflex, but look at that grin. – 4/13/14


Breaking free of the swaddle. – 4/14/14


I look at her and think she looks so tiny and then it hits me that she was inside me 5 days ago and suddenly she looks huge!  – 4/14/14


Can’t believe this little sweetie is already one week old!#slowdowntime  – 4/16/14


Baby girl will not let me put her down. There are worse ways to spend an evening. – 4/16/14


Daily dose of cuteness. – 4/17/14

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